Blown in attic insulation is a great solution for helping your home become more heat resistant and energy efficient, as it prevents heat from entering your home and cool air from escaping in the summer, and vice versa in the winter.

WEATHERIZING AND SEALING Is The First Step You Should Take To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home. The Energy, Time, And Money You Spend Will Pay For Itself Quickly—Often In One Season!

Air Infiltrates Into And Out Of Your Home Through Every Hole And Crack. About One-Third Of This Air Infiltrates Through Openings In Your Ceilings, Walls, And Floors.

One Of The Quickest Ways You Can Save On Your Heating And Cooling Bill

Is To Caulk, Seal, And Weatherstrip All Seams, Cracks, And Openings To The Outside. This Is Best Done In The Late Summer And Early Fall, Before The Weather Gets Too Cold, But You Can Weatherize In The Spring Too, Before It Heats Up Enough To Need The Air Conditioner.